Training and Documentation

CSBG (Computational System Biology Group) Science Gateway User Manual

Gateway Access

  • Create a gateway account at Use 'Create account'. Provide your details and you will receive an email for account verification.
  • Click the link in the email received and confirm your email. Hint: The email sometimes tends to land on 'Junk email' or 'Trash'.
  • When the gateway administrator grants access, you would receive a notification email.
  • Log in to the gateway, You are ready to for CSBG computations.

csbg lsu create account

Getting Started

  • When logged in you would be on your Workspace, User Dashboard and Recent Experiments.
  • You can select the application place holder and submit a computation job or can check the status of your recent work.
  • For ease of use, tag your favorite applications, so they always will be on top.
  • As gateway users, you have the option of sharing your research material with other gateway users.
  • You can create your own user groups and share your work with the group or can share it with individuals as well.

  • Once you have selected your application launching an experiment is made easy for you.
  • Validations are in place and default values are provided so you only need to focus on your inputs to the application.
  • Applications are configured in such a way that the input can be provided in many ways; such as option buttons, checkboxes, validated String inputs and file uploads.

create experiment